ODIN Trader Workstation

ODIN Trader Workstation 10.0

Multi-Exchange, Multi-Currency Front Office trading and risk management system

ODIN™ - the Multi-Exchange, Multi-Currency Front Office trading and risk management system - makes trading on multiple markets easier through the use of a single application. It incorporates appealing features and works on advanced technology which facilitates higher accessibility, ensuring speedy performance and advanced risk management.

ODIN™, Financial Technologies' flagship product, has been the ‘Trading Platform of Choice’ for several years powering over 880 leading brokerage houses with more than 80% market share.

ODIN™ is a scalable solution that ensures high performance standards and which can be easily deployed across varied locations with relative ease. ODIN™ provides real time connectivity to the multiple exchanges offering highest order execution speed and operational stability. ODIN™ has extensive search and filtering options and that too with minimal investment and ease of manageability.

ODIN™ Trader Work Station Highlights:
- Integrated Market Watch for multiple exchange and exchange segments
- Fast Order entry
- Basket trading
- Bulk Order entry
- Tick Watch with user defined condition filters
- Filtered Market Watch with user defined condition filters
- Arbitrage Watch
- Spread Strategy Maker
- Derivatives chain
- Condition Generator for user defined query generation
- Expression Builder for customized formula creation
- Most Active Securities/Contract and Top Loser/Gainers
- Heat Map
- Charting with Line Tools and Indicators
- Dynamic portfolio
- MS excel export
- Panic Withdrawal for Bulk Square Off/Withdrawal of Trade/Orders
- Customized column profiles

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